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2021 Archive :: Montreal, Canada :: Gameplay Space
Disco 2022 Speakers and Sessions
Validate, Hype, Release - A Strategic Approach to Reducing Your Next Game’s Risk of Flopping
Maintaining an indie studio is a tough challenge. With roughly 1,000 games launching on Steam every month, it’s just too easy to be overlooked. After releasing two profitable PC games and gathering over 400k wishlists for their upcoming game “The Wandering Village”, the Stray Fawn Studio team has now identified the approaches that are crucial to their success.

In this talk, Philomena will share her studio’s best practices to validate interest in a project early on, build up hype around the game and  focus the momentum at launch. Join Stray Fawn Studio in the dissection of their strategies related to crowdfunding, social media, social news, community building and events.
Philomena Schwab
Stray Fawn Studio
Market Analysis: Benchmarking Your Game to Know if It Is Worth Pursuing
In this talk, you’ll join Tavrox from TavroxGames to learn how to benchmark your game and analyze if it is worth pursuing. The talk will feature an extensive case study, and will dive into understanding how past, present, and future projects in that market will perform!
Strategies for Cutting Through the Noise and Setting Your Game Up for Success
With so much going on online and thousands of new game releases each year, it can be hard to pinpoint what strategy to use in order to get your game noticed. In this talk, we will have our duo of speakers tell us about different strategies that can help studios cut through the noise.

Victoria Tran (Innersloth) will talk about how to set up your community management for success (including how to budget for it), and Dylan Gedig (Red Nexus Games) will explain how demos can be used to rocket your game to the top.
Victoria Tran
Dylan Gedig
Red Nexus Games
Managing Your Community: How to Engage Players & Create an Inclusive Environment
Join Hanna Fogelberg (Landfall Games), Marcela Huerta and Jacob Blommestein (KO_OP) as they talk about different ways to manage your community. Learn about how social media can be used to engage your players, and get an insight into how Discord bots can help to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for your community.
Hanna Fogelberg
Landfall Games
Marcela Huerta
Jacob Blommestein
Live Steam Page Critique
Let's spruce up your Steam page! In this live critique, professional Steam page builder Chris Zukowski will review your Steam pages and give you gentle suggestions on how you can improve them. You will also learn what Steam shoppers are looking for and how the Steam algorithm can be influenced by your page.
Chris Zukowski
How to Market A Game
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